Friday, April 8, 2011

Blood Orange Mimosas

Some people only drink Champagne on special occasions, but I have always considered each and every day a special occasion! Why save something for a day that may never come? Or worse... maybe that special day comes and goes and you forget to bring out that bottle you've been saving for such a time.

In our house there is usually a bottle of bubbly in the fridge, chilled and ready for action. Be it for a lazy Saturday morning or a random Thursday night when you just want a mimosa, we like to be prepared. Recently, it happened to be a Tuesday. The evening air was warm and our front patio was calling our names. I had a jug of OJ in the fridge, but the bag of Blood Oranges seemed like a good way to give our usual mimosa a quick makeover.

Is it just me or are blood oranges completely fascinating? They are so beautiful with their jewel toned reds and many shades of orange. They make me want to Google "how do blood oranges get their color?"
I think I just will...

 I juiced the whole bag and it yielded this gorgeous reddish purple juice. It was bright and sweet, just a bit tangy. Totally worth the few minutes of prep work.

In my world, the juice makes the mimosa. I don't care if you're drinking Dom (which, btw, you should not make a mimosa out of). If you use yucky juice, the whole thing is just not going to be good. And if you're drinking Cook's (which I am not above) if you use Odwalla or any fresh squeezed juice, you will not be disappointed in the results. This festive drink is the perfect way to turn your average Tuesday into a memorable event.

So pick up a bottle of bubbly and a bag of blood oranges next time you're out grocery shopping and take a moment to celebrate the little things in life. Cheers!

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