Monday, March 29, 2010

Babies, babies, babies!

One of my girlfriends is having a baby in May and for her shower I decided to test my hand at those oh so cute "Ruffle Butt" onesies. I got the inspiration for these from a few different websites and have seen them done a bunch of different ways. I mainly based it on my friend Kym's . Kym is amazing in the way of all things creative...

These are so fun and easy to make. I will try to post a little step by step tutorial soon.

OK, so I went the easy route and used pinking shears to cut the strips rather than enclosing the seams. I wasn't sure how the whole "ruching" thing would go, so I wanted to go easy on myself with as few layers of fabric to string up.

I also did matching burp cloths, just sewed a strip of coordinating fabric along each end of the tri-fold Gerber diapers. I have been told the burp cloths that are all decorative fabric are pretty much useless. The fabric doesn't absorb anything and you wind up with baby vomit running down you arm. Not cute!! These tri-fold's are the way to go, just a little touch of decor at each end.

My fave is the pink one, but I think its only my fave because it appears to be the only one with straight ruffles...

Otherwise, if this green one had straight lines, it would be my fave by far...

My friend is doing pink and brown, so I used this cute brown fabric in the mix:

I apologize- no step by step photos. I will not leave my camera battery charging at the office next time I dive into a project.

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