Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Even though it is the 26th of January, I still feel the need to say that since I have not posted since December!!

2011 has already brought some incredible blessings and also a disappointment or two....

First and foremost, the major blessing was the arrival of my sister's baby boy, Brett Thomas. He is so precious!! He is the little guy for whom I made the diaper bag I posted back in December.

I have heard it said time and time again that new babies put life into perspective. They remind you of what is important, and make the things that used to seem important become totally unimportant. I love this little guy to bits and am so thankful for his safe arrival into this world.

As I said before, this year has also brought some disappointments that I have been trying to make peace with... and this morning I came across a quote from Hind's Feet in High Places:

"For disappointments accepted with praise always seem to turn into EXTRA-RADIANT BLESSINGS."

I love this. I love that I know that even though I am not getting what I thought I wanted, I can have faith that there is a bigger picture in the works. There is a bigger and better blessing that will result. I am coming to realize (or rather I am re-realizing) that to force something means compromising what I really want.

So now, I just continue living my life, loving the people in it and trusting the God who holds it in his hands.


  1. Love this! Timing is everything!!

  2. I just awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award!!! You can go to my blog for the details!!

  3. I don't know how anyone can make it through a day without the reassurance of Christ's love. Great blog! I look forward to get to know you better! Thanks for joining the Healthnut Foodie community!!! -- Katie @