Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Boxy Pouches

I am in love with these pouches!~

I made a bunch back in July for some of my girlfriends, but never got around to posting pics. My camera broke while I was in mid-photo-session, so I only have close-ups of a few. I am working on getting a new camera, possibly a DSLR, so if you have any input or advice, please leave a comment!

I love the classic look of black and white on the outside, with a burst of color in the inside:

This one was for my friend Sara who loves owls. I think it is one of my favorites:

You may recognize the Amy Butler fabric of this cutie:

And a reverse of the one above- burst of color on the outside, a nice neutral gray on the inside:

I didn't get a close up of the oil cloth one (top right in the group shot) but that one was made by request from my friend Serene who adores the bold colors and fruit themes of oil cloth. It was white with yellow polka dots on the interior. Very classic.

I will post some pics of these guys filled so you can get a feel for how big they are. I keep mine in my handbag and it holds quite a bit- a few chapsticks, lip gloss, matches, neosporin, 3 or 4 pens, hair ties, etc with plenty of room for more. I just think they are so handy to keep all of those small items in one place. no more fishing for a bobby pin or hair tie at the bottom of that hobo!

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  1. I featured you in my tutorial! I finaly got around to making one of these myself!!